Responsibility in our operations

We want to be a responsible part of our society by taking responsibility for the goals of sustainable development. Responsibility and development are part of all our day-to-day operations and we also strive to meet our owners’ high level of responsibility.

For us this means sustainable investment decisions and ownership practices that enable us to provide our customers with environmentally-efficient and functional spaces in the right location, now and in the future.

ESG -environmental, social, governance

Our responsibility work is based on reviewing and developing our operations from the perspective of environmental efficiency, social responsibility and good governance. We have systematically reviewed the various aspects of our operations from these aspects of responsibility. Based on this review, we have set targets for developing our operations to become increasingly responsible. We regularly monitor the achievement of goals through our responsibility program and indicators, and develop the program and metrics as our operating environment changes.

Principles of Responsibility

We have developed the principles of responsibility through which we communicate our commitment to responsible behavior. Our Board of Directors and our staff are committed to and signatories to our Corporate Responsibility Principles. In addition, all of our owners have signed up to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which we also adhere to.